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Author Speaks of His Style

"My philosophy has always been colored by socialism and my literary style by realism.  I feel that only by writing as realistically as possible can one reveal the misery of our people and suggest a solution for their woes.  Folk songs, folk tales and dialects appear abundantly in my work, which I believe will allow my people read me much more easily, and which enables my work to adhere to the traditional framework of our folk literature.

"I do not agree with those who abandon our ancient aesthetic values in favor of western standards, thus cutting themselves off from traditional values.  Our folk literature is rooted in a rich language and art, a source of inspiration which is very lively.  Its possibilities are endless.  If an author who writes for the people neglects this heritage, he inevitably alienates himself from his readers. 

"I consider the ever-growing interest in Cemo as a sign that an increasing number of people under the oppression of aghas (feudal lords) are beginning to wake up.  This makes me very happy indeed.  But my greatest joy will be when I can see my people defend their rights granted to them by the Constitution, when basic reforms are realized and when our Cemos, Memos and Senems become independent, free human beings." Kemal Bilbaşar (Preface to the second edition of Cemo)

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